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Are you down on one knee?


i’ve never understood why people think they need permission from our government to be married. i’m not saying we should stop trying to legalize all types of marriage, and i know it’s currently an unfair universe and for some reason we thought it would be a fantastic idea to make certain forms of love illegal, but if you fall under that illegal category, just get married anyway. get down on your perfectly capable knee and propose to the human being you love and ask them to marry you, and when they say yes because you’re so great, find a priest or whatever you feel like you need to make it real and have yourself a ceremony, and invite all your cool friends and invite your cool family and fucking get married, because fuck not being able to get married. that piece of paper does not tell you you’re married. you tell you that you’re married. and when someone who doesn’t agree with you tries to argue with you about technicalities or some bullshit, just continuously say “no i promise we’re married” and trust me, in the end of that conversation they will be the ones pissed off and you will still be married.


February 8th, 2014, Steilacoom, WA

Just a few photos from our wedding day thanks to the amazing Amanda Mae Photography

How fun! I voted for a few couples…

TBT Geri and my wedding day! Almost 3 years ago.

TBT Geri and my wedding day! Almost 3 years ago.


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