Confessions of a Half Dyke Discussion Question

Watching We Were Here, made me think about glbt and the concept of family. In the late 1970’s and the 1980’s (and even into the 1990’s and early 2000’s) many glbt people flocked to areas where being glbt was the norm, ie. San Francisco. There they made surrogate families. I think there still are those migration patterns, but I wonder if the glbt “family” still is as powerful as it was twenty thirty years ago. Being glbt is more accepted in 2012 then 1982, without a doubt. And a person who is 15 in 2012 coming out is more likely to have a blood family support group than a person in 1975 coming out. It’s interesting to see how the second (and starting soon the third) generation of out glbt people shape society. Will there still be a glbt family? Will people still say “partner?” etc 

I don’t think these things are “bad” or “good”, just interesting.

I’m very very curious to know…What does everyone think?  ?