This Mayor Is Giving $5 To LGBT Rights For Every Anti-Gay Call She Gets. And She’s Getting A LOT.


Kim Driscoll, mayor of Salem, Massachusetts, began receiving homophobic abuse over the telephone after cancelling a contract with a local college over their anti-gay position. Their president had supported a small group of homophobes requesting that a ‘religious exemption’ clause be included in an order designed to protect LGBT employees from discrimination. 


Once the story had broken online, Driscoll’s phone became red hot with irate bigots.

And that’s when she decided to do something awesome.

For every call the Mayor received refuting her actions, she pledged to donate $5 to a local support group for LGBT young people. Of her own money… Read more.



So we are trying to hire a dog walker to come on days we both work first shift to take the dogs out. And on my ad I mentioned that we are a queer couple so that no haters applied. My favorite application so far was from a young lady who ended her application with this gem:

"I am also supportive of your lifestyle. I think everyone should do what makes them happy. I have a dog who was the same way."

You had a queer dog, miss? I have a significant amount of follow up questions.

ollie-mayson asked:

Thank you so much! I'm very proud of myself :) of course you can pass it on! I don't mind at all x

Earlier today, I received a message in my inbox from this young woman above. She was telling me about the great day she had. I’m proud of her and wanted to share her success so that maybe it inspires others. Here is is her letter below:

Hey! Today I did something really brave and I stood up in front of 500 people from my state (Victoria, Australia) and told them I was pansexual! I went to a youth motivation session with 40 people from my school and they asked for 3 volunteers to “slay their dragon” (face their biggest fear, mine of which was coming out) and so I went up on stage and told everybody. Friends, teachers, strangers, everyone! This is my proudest day ever! They even gave me a dragon necklace to remind me of today :)